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Specializing in tax return preparation, the one and only Bud Krater (A Bud Krater prepare tax return) has been doing tax preparation in Cape Coral since 1980. You may find some imposters because of the goodwill that Bud has generated over the years.  BEWARE of imposters!! 

A Bud Krater, INC provides full service payroll and bookkeeping in Cape Coral.  All employees stay current with tax law changes.  You won't find a friendlier and more hospitable staff.  

Tax Consultants in Cape Coral

Prepare tax return in Cape Coral, Florida since 1980

Bud Krater's tax services include tax return preparation from 1040EZ to 1120S Corporate Taxes. They do all State Tax Returns and all State Business Returns.

Rest assured they have you and your business goals and objectives in mind. You and all your tax planning needs are in expert hands.
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Bud is on YOUR side ...Open 'year round!